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NFT Projects of The Week [V.11 11-02-2022]

NFT Projects of The Week [V.11 11-02-2022]


Hello Upcomingnft Community!

A new week always brings a different kind of energy and motivation…

I am back with the fresh new version of the NFT Projects of the week!

New week, New Version, and New NFT projects that are going to hit the NFT MarketSpace.

Let’s Begin…

1. Meta Penguin Island:

Launch date: 12 february 2022 (08:00 PM UTC) (03:00 PM EST)

Ethereum Blockchain

Meta Penguin Island is a fun, exciting, interactive NFT experience centered on a dedicated community.



Each penguin on Meta Penguin Island has a unique rarity rating and is rendered in 4K with a variety of high-quality, detailed characteristics.”

They’ll be kept on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and eventually reunited with their rightful owners in the Metaverse.

Why Meta penguin Island?
  • All 8888 Meta Penguin NFTs will be of the finest quality their award-winning artists are accustomed to providing ultra-high 4k resolution. Their objective is to provide the most individualized and visually beautiful design in the NFT industry. Each penguin is guaranteed to be excitingly different from the others, with over 200 distinct qualities.
  • Meta Penguin Island was built without cutting any corners, and they’re continuing that tradition with the addition of actual items for their community. Multiple deliveries of high-quality penguin apparel, plushies, and outfits will be available solely to holders who wish to represent the project in person proudly.
  • Penguins like living in a thriving community where everyone has a voice. As a result, they employ a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to make critical choices about the island’s growth. Each penguin’s vote is equally significant in the colony’s growth and progress.
  • The penguins were created as real, breathing 3D models, not merely from the shoulders up. A few weeks after the launch, each NFT holder will get a digital 3D model of their penguin. These models may be 3D printed or utilized to access many of the current NFT metaverses. Holders will also have complete intellectual property rights to their penguins, allowing them to use or remix them in any manner they see fit.

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/meta-penguin-island/

2. Shibelon Moon:

Launch date: 12 February 2022 (06:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum blockchain

Ethereum blockchain-based project Shibelon is all set to hit the NFT market space on 12 February 2022. The First edition of Shibelon NFT will launch on the Ethereum blockchain.



A brand new Tesla Model 3 is up for grabs just for purchasing an NFT!

The LIVE raffle draw is scheduled to take place in Q1 2022.

Having a SHIBELON NFT is all that is required of you to participate.

The greater your collection of NFTs, the greater your chances of winning!

After 7,000 of the limited-edition NFTs have been sold, a date for the drawing will be revealed.

Why Shibelon Moon NFT?
  • Shibelon will support the community by helping startups and investing in community-driven projects made by Their holders.
  • There are a variety of ways to get financial assistance, including contract formation, pre-sale management, and marketing, among others.
  • Their community will get a chance to choose the projects they are going to invest in via DAO and will receive airdrops through various competitions.
  • It’s up to the shibelon community to decide which non-profit organization will get $20000 of shibelon’s NFT profits every quarter.

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/shibelon/

3. Torix:

Launch date: 16 February 2022 (03:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

They started with their most fundamental inquiries, and TORIX was formed as the ideal object in the world capable of creating new value by combining everything that exists.


  • Created via these experiments, TORIX is a finished product that has never been and gives creative individuals with new ideas for the future.
  • The Ethereum blockchain has evidence of ownership for 9,900 plain characters and 99 unique characters of TORIXs.
  • Each piece of art is unique since it is the only one of its kind in the entire universe. Although all TORIXes are unique, certain TORIXs are exceptionally uncommon, based on their characteristics and the number of copies they are produced in.
Why Torix NFT?
  • P2E Service
  • Collaboration with celebrities
  • Launching of Digital Figures
  • Launching of Metaverse

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/torix/

4. Real Apes Club:

Launch date: 12 February 2022 (05:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum blockchain helps as the foundation for this NFT collection. NFTs total 5757, with 20 deemed “Legendary” by the community. Each one has a distinctive 3D design and a whopping 200 different characteristics.



The Bored Ape Yacht Club served as an inspiration for this season’s collection. On the other hand, their proposal introduces a new technology known as AR NFT. Their goal is to build a robust, long-term community of fans around this idea.

All 5757 NFTs in this collection have a 3D design and support the AR format for the first time, making this collection one of the most distinctive and promising ones available.

Why Real Apes Club?
  • The actual apes club members will receive 30 percent of the royalties from the secondary market. Holders will receive monthly payments through direct debit.
  • In order to mint the developed form of the genuine dead apes club for free, each NFT holder will receive an airdrop.
  • The augmented reality version of each actual apes club NFT is unique. You’ll get a firsthand look at how this technology operates on their social media platforms.
  • The introduction of their play-to-earn game is planned for the second quarter of 2022. The $RAC token will serve as the game’s primary medium of exchange. Prior to the game’s debut, every owner of the first NFT collection will get an airdrop of $RAC tokens.
  • Any decentralized platform in the Metaverse can use any genuine apes club nft. In addition, a sandbox area will be bought, where celebrities will be invited to participate in regular activities.
  • All private events organized by the actual apes club NFT will be free to all NFT holders. A vote of the holders will choose the dates and venues.

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/real-apes-club/

Note: We recommend that you conduct the same investigation that we did to obtain precise data, facts, and numbers regarding the NFT Project and determine whether or not it is appropriate for you based on your circumstances. This is how you can play safely and securely with NFTs.


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