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NFT Projects of The Week [V.13 25-02-2022]

NFT Projects of The Week [V.13, 25-02-2022]


Hello guys!

As always, I am back exploring the whole NFT market space to find out some of the amazing NFT projects that will hit the market space this upcoming week.

Nothing is more satisfying than finding an ideal NFT project that meets your circumstances and is dedicated to the NFT community. And the NFT Projects of the Week series is bound to provide you with some of the great NFT projects for the upcoming week.

Let’s kickstart the week with some of the amazing NFT projects that are going to hit the NFT market space soon…

Let’s begin…

1. Deadknight Metaverse:

Launch date: 04 March 2022 (04:00 AM UTC)

Solana Blockchain

With 9999 Gen 0 NFT Collection, the dead knight NFT builds their own metaverse for 8 bit play to earn RPG NFT game in a fantasy medieval world. They have generated from over 225 possible traits spread over 9 layers.



Prior to the introduction of the game, there are only 9999 Gen-0 NFTs available for purchase. They are the original Dead Knights, the first of their kind. Because of this, Gen-0 NFTs have a number of benefits over their successors.

Over 225 possible qualities are divided across nine stages in the creation of each knight. Dead knight NFTs generated by the optimal rarity ranking algorithm are all distinctive from one another.

Why Dead Knight Metaverse?

In-Game Marketplace:
In all dead knight NFTs, blockchain technology is used. Everything can now be owned, exchanged, and even sold within the game itself. Your NFTs that are collected in the game can be sold or traded on the marketplace to earn money.

Yield farming and Gamefi are used in the training function. The term is used to describe a strategy for maximizing returns, increasing the value of DK tokens, and creating considerable worth for the ecosystem.

To earn DK tokens and experience for leveling, use your knight in PVE combat. In the PvP arena, higher attribute stats are crucial to achieving better records.

Dead Knight Championship:
Dead knight metaverse token (DKM) owners can participate in the event, and if they manage to finish in the top ranks, they’ll get their hands on some of the weekly prize money.

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/dead-knight-metaverse/

2. Hypealiens:

Launch date: 28 February 2022 (06:30 PM UTC)

Ethereum blockchain

Hypealiens are modern art in the form of NFT designed by six friends creating a team. Hype aliens will be a leader in the field of NFTs after creating 10,000 unique 3D NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain with excellent style, use-case, and community.



Hype aliens aspire to conquer the metaverse world together with their splendid community.

Hypealiens wants to create a new era in the metaverse with their project.

Hypealiens were created in 10,000 pieces, and each one required meticulous attention to detail in order to satisfy their investors’ expectations for the quality of their purchases! Among the 10000 items, over 50 are legendary and unique, making them the true rarities in their collection.

Why Hypealiens NFT?
  • In order to maintain a long-term project, They ensure that you can contact them at any time of the day or night. Discord’s late-night chat is one of their favorite features! But they’re not done yet; they’d like to take it even further. They want to form a family that sets the minimum selling price of their NFT at 1 ETH. Each of their investors will see a return of 7-10 times their initial investment!
  • They released their own currency on the Ethereum network to aid them in managing the staking platform for future development. First, the Token will be listed on Uniswap, a decentralized stock exchange, and later on, the world’s largest CEX! In the middle of March 2022, there will be a Token Presale from Hypealiens.
  • In order to guarantee profits for their investors, they place a high value on the Staking Platform. Their platform will only be accessible to those who the HYPE ALIENS proprietors have invited. It’s most likely going to be called “XPad.” Invited persons and staking earnings are assured rewards for those who invite others! For the sake of preserving available money, the number of spots is strictly limited. The platform will be live in late March 2022.
  • At some point in 2022, they hope to develop a simple mobile game based on the Aliens who live on a Blockchain-based planet and are awarded ETH every 60 minutes through Smart Contracts. There is a strong connection between the game and their token, which they described before.

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/hype-aliens/

3. M101 Shelter:

Launch date: 27 February 2022 (10:00 PM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

M101 Shelter is a collection of generative side profile characters with over 400 hand-drawn attributes and more than 2100 color schemes, which are ready to warp through the galaxy.



M101 metaverse includes a unique story that keeps unfolding, several limited NFT collections, and sandbox-based M101 space development.

Why M101 Shelter?
  • The M101 shelter metaverse is presented with 6 races in the current NFT collection. According to their roadmap activation, more are still unknown and will be added to the free collection for M101 holders.
  • M101 shelter survivors have more than 400 hand-drawn attributes. Some were created for a specific race or gender with hundreds of color variations. Some M101 survivors are considered legendary and are fully hand-drawn and presented with exclusive 1*1 traits.

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/m101-shelter-2/

4. Metapharm:

Launch date: 2 March 2022 (02:00 AM UTC)

Ethereum Blockchain

The most favorite project amongst the NFT community from this week is the Metapharm NFT. They have created something very exciting for the NFT community and making a difference with their own style in this NFT market space.



Metapharm NFT is the story of two communities in the Metapharm Universe. Separated by the mountain of millennia lived two communities with a longstanding history of hatred for each other— Thieveland’s invading race is known as the Metathieves. Porkville’s Metapigs are also there.

They could see a new terrain that might be used for their communities to grow and thrive after the asteroid debris was cleaned away from the sky.

It was easy for the Metathieves to get to the radioactive soil because of the asteroid’s impact. Seeds that the thieves discovered could be processed into a powerful and valuable drug were grown in radioactive soil. It means now pigs will become extinct due to this discovery, as the robbers began to take over and seize the radioactive soil.

Why Metapharm?
  • Buy your character:

    In order to gain entrance to the 3D collection and their massive cash prizes, you must first purchase a coin from the Founder’s Collection Pig or Thieve on March 1.
  • Battle the Other Side:

    Defend your territory in the Battle of Millennia to gain control of the radioactive valley’s riches. Keep an eye out for your opponents’ pharms while defending your own. Pick and choose from a wide range of weapons and defenses available.
  • Build your Pharm:

    Protect and expand your kingdom by using your Arc Room to construct refinement structures.
  • Level up:

    The best way to maximize seed storage is to stack them. The more you level up your Pharm, the more powerful your foes will be, and the more money you will make.
  • Grow your Empire:

    Return to your pharmacy and get the rewards of your investment. You can earn and safeguard more seeds while you sleep if you improve the efficiency of your Refineries and enlarge your seed storage.
  • Buy and Sell Game Items:

    Buying small and selling large are two ways of doing business. You can buy and sell in-game items such as weapons, buildings, defenses, and traps on their market. Earn money by selling your game achievements on the open market.
  • Earn and Stake $seeds:

    Increasing the size of your seed vault enhances your return on investment (ROI). You can earn and defend yourself in battle by planting seeds into your Refinement types of equipment, Defense Equipment, Traps, and Buildings.
  • Play with Friends:

    A greater seed prize is shared between the winning team’s members in the Online Battle Mode. Assemble a group of buddies and start a company.

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/metapharm/

Note: We recommend that you conduct the same investigation that we did to obtain precise data, facts, and numbers regarding the NFT Project and determine whether or not it is appropriate for you based on your circumstances. This is how you can play safely and securely with NFTs.


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