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NFT Projects of The Week [V.14 04-03-2022]

NFT Projects of The Week [V.14, 04-03-2022]


Hello Upcomingnft Community!

Welcome to version 14 of the NFT Projects of the week.

NFT market space is now having many amazing projects coming soon with amazing communities behind their side.

For this upcoming week, I have found some of the good NFT projects that are going to hit the NFT market space and share their value with the NFT community.

Let’s begin…

1. Super Fat Apes Academy:

Launch date: 7 March 2022 (2 March 2022 Presale)

Ethereum Blockchain

8888 brainless super fat apes collection is living on the ethereum blockchain in the parallel Universe. Each super fat ape is different from the others in their qualities, but they unite together to protect the world.



They have Described the Dumbest squad of these Superapes on their platform, which looks like a super exciting one. There are four unique super apes Tony Narcoleptic, Jack Unhealthy, Ewann Fearful, Willy Clumsy.

Cryptopunk #5976, BAYC #3972, and MAYC #2922 are their academy students.

Why Super Fat Ape Academy?

Genesis Collection:

  • 200 Genesis Super Fat Apes
  • 1 Free Super Fat Ape to Mint
  • 1 Ultra rare Customizable NFT for one luck S.F.A. holder
  • Get exclusive access to genesis holder’s raffles
  • Exclusive merch for genesis NFT holders
  • 1 year of McDonald’s for one lucky S.F.A. holder

Super Fat Apes:

  • 8.8k Super Fat Apes
  • 1x potion to mutate your S.F.A. into a Villain Fat Ape
  • Mint Villain Fat Ape for Free
  • 1 Metaverse Avatar airdropped
  • Exclusive metaverse items for holders
  • Exclusive physical items airdrops
  • 1 year dominos pizza for one lucky S.F.A. holder
  • 10 years of donuts for one lucky S.F.A. holder

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/super-fat-apes/

2. Choosen Ones:

Launch date: 14 March 2022

Ethereum blockchain

Each Legendary Chosen One NFT will be priced at 0.25 ETH but you will need to convert your ETH into Polygon MATIC to purchase the NFTs. Therefore, you will need to get a Polygon MATIC wallet prior to making the purchase. This is the current amount of of Polygon MATIC you’ll need to acquire one NFT (gas not included)



Free airdrops and a membership to a metaverse club where you can meet the other Heroes and participate in private AMA sessions with all of the team members are just some of the benefits you will receive as an early backer.

Early backers will get have access to the game’s alpha build, where they may contribute comments and feature suggestions.


Alara Tel is a chosen knight of Telara, the goddess of love, who was raised from the ashes as a child. Bridges between kingdoms are what she aims to do. To bring together the demigods and the commoners of Androsia in a single community

One Of A Kind Alara Edition Nfts And Ten Winners Are Selected To Meet Alara Aka Een Mercado And Talk To Her For Ten Minutes.

Why Choosen ones NFT?

Mega Giveaway:

  • $ 2000 in ETH
  • 1 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT
  • 1 Cryptopunk NFT


One Of A Kind Alara Edition Nfts And Ten Winners Are Selected To Meet Alara Aka Een Mercado And Talk To Her For Ten Minutes.

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/chosenones/

3. Meta Triads:

Launch date: 7 March 2022

Ethereum Blockchain

The First NFT Marketplace to unite all 3: Metaverse, AR, and physical world. Metatriads are a collection of 10000 unique ERC 721 standard tokens that bring real-life utilities and passive income through project shareholding.



Apparel and clothing companies can use the Project’s metaverse AR aggregator marketplace to build their real-life collections. Every time a transaction is completed, Metatriads NFT holders gain TRIA$ in a native token.

More than $450k in seed funding has already been secured by the fully-doxed team behind the idea, with a valuation of $5000000.

Why Metatriads NFT?

Earning Profit:

Become a part of the web 3.0 profit sharing. This one-stop fashion shop for all three worlds: real, AR and metaverse-integrated will provide each NFT owner with an income stream.

Exclusive Access:

Getting first dibs on limited-edition fashion drops can be sold as early as the prototype stage. All collections will be in the hands of the holders.

Joining Tribunal:

Holders can participate in the tribunal/DAO by becoming a founding member of a triad. Taking up the role of a community-run project.

Coin Airdrops:

Meta triads NFT holders will be airdropped 9 TRIA$ per day. TRIA$-ERC 20 standard token will have a future utility on the marketplace by being the main currency of the ecosystem.

NFT Breeding and Airdrops:

By holding atleast 2 triads, holders will be able to breed a new Gen Delta in the parallel Universe. Mutating to Gen delta, holders will be airdropped by new Gen NFTs.

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/meta-triads/

4. SCLadies NFTs:

Launch date: 8 March 2022

Ethereum Blockchain

Releasing on this international womens day 8 march 2022 with 6434 unique sc ladies will generate on Ethereum blockchain.

Only women who have SC ladies NFTs can take use of the exclusive benefits offered to the branch’s 50000 monthly female customers. Because of this, 6434 is a rather small number. For the sake of those with special needs, the number is purposely kept low.



They have the perfect team to achieve the goals SC ladies deliver. They have a great 3D artist software developer who knows his job very well.

Women in the SC are working on a paradigm that incorporates #NFT into everyday life. Their primary goal is to create a model that generates a passive income. This time, though, things have a different outcome. Even more women’s rights are being granted.

Why SC ladies NFT?

They shall become the first metaverse hairstylists through their collective purchase of a Sandbox plot. As a token of their gratitude, They’ll keep your avatar’s hair safe in the metaverse, too.

Everyone always has the right to change!

$SCL Token can be used to purchase services at SC branches. Women in their daily lives can use this token.

Check this event at: https://upcomingnft.net/event/scladiesnfts/

Note: We recommend that you conduct the same investigation that we did to obtain precise data, facts, and numbers regarding the NFT Project and determine whether or not it is appropriate for you based on your circumstances. This is how you can play safely and securely with NFTs.


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