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‘Axie and Ronin Creator Awards 2024’ to Honor Digital Creativity

In a remarkable showcase of digital creativity within the vibrant communities of Axie Infinity and the Ronin Network, the inaugural “Axie and Ronin Creator Awards” is set to captivate NFT enthusiasts and digital art fanatics this January.

The event promises not only exciting recognition but also coveted rewards for exceptional creators who do more than create and share Axie-related content; “They shout our biggest wins from the rooftops, stand strong in the face of stormy seas, and put a smile on the faces of Lunacians every day.” 

Has a worthy creator popped into mind? Be sure to head to to nominate them before January 4 at 9 pm (EST).

Axie and Ronin Creator Awards Categories 

Anticipation is running high as the first-ever Axie and Ronin Creator Awards prepares for its dazzling debut, shedding light on the diverse talent aptly dubbed “Axie’s and Ronin’s X factor”.  

Top performers in various categories will have the chance to claim Axie Infinity NFTs, including “Origin Axies”. The ultimate winner of the grand prize will be bestowed with the rare and prestigious “Mystic Axie”.

The available categories for nominating creators include:

  • Twitter Creator of the Year
  • Facebook Creator of the Year
  • Twitch Creator of the Year
  • YouTube Creator of the Year
  • TikTok Creator of the Year
  • Artist of the Year
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Clip of the Year
  • Top Creator of the Year

During the award show, a panel of esteemed judges — notably consisting of prominent members from both the Sky Mavis and Moku teams — will not only consider community picks but also weigh various factors, such as community contributions, to determine the deserving winners.

So, nominate your favorite creators and become a part of this historic moment. It’s time to celebrate the outstanding talent that enriches Axie’s NFT and digital art landscape on the Ronin Network daily. 

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