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Rari Chain Mainnet Launch Spotlights 10 Distinct NFT Drops

Rari Chain Mainnet

The Rari Foundation has successfully launched the ‘Rari Chain’ mainnet, with governance overseen by $RARI token holders through the Rari DAO.

Rari Chain — built on Arbitrum’s EVM-compatible framework — secures NFT royalties at the node level, amplifying Layer-2 scalability to bolster the NFT ecosystem.

To celebrate its mainnet launch, the platform is holding a CryptoArt event dubbed ‘TEN by RARI’ from January 29 to February 9. Enjoy seamless bridging, low gas fees, and earn ‘Galxe Quest’ points when collecting art from exceptional Web3 creators.

TEN by RARI’s Digital Gems

Kickstarting TEN by RARI, the Rari Foundation and the NFT platform Rarible are showcasing these ten international digital artists in Rari Chain’s creative journey:

  • Jimena Buena Vida debuts her abstract compositions, crafted with algorithmic code in P5.js, on January 29.
  • Ed Balloon’s immersive sound and visual performance art premieres on January 30.
  • Ottis introduces his abstracted Baroque digital graffiti on January 31.
  • Lindsey Byrnes from Los Angeles showcases her celebrity portraits with insightful nuances on February 1.
  • Saeideart, based in Turkey, unveils her figurative scenes on February 2.
  • ALIENQUEEN’s bold and psychedelic illustrations launch on February 5.
  • Baltimore’s Techkeyz merges past reflections with futuristic optimism in digital sculptures on February 6.
  • Atlanta’s Andreoshea debuts his Surrealist digital environments on February 7.
  • Canadian artist Trizzytrunk presents his captivating glitch art on February 8.
  • Amber Vittoria from Los Angeles will be exploring identity through modernist abstraction starting on February 9.

By featuring a range of incredible digital artworks, TEN by RARI highlights Rari Chain’s innovative potential on the Arbitrum network, underscoring creativity at the heart of the NFT community.

Notably, within 24 hours of Rari Chain’s mainnet launch, the RARI Foundation gained 30,000+ new members, emphasizing support for empowering Web3 creators, collectors, and developers alike.

With each NFT drop set to roll out shortly, the Rari Foundation shows its willingness to nurture artists and advance the NFT ecosystem, forging a new frontier at the intersection of CryptoArt and blockchain innovation.

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