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Yuga Labs Expands Web3 Empire, Acquires Moonbirds’ PROOF

On top of creating Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Otherside — and owning Meebits, CryptoPunks, and 10KTF — Yuga Labs now acquires PROOF Collective, encompassing the celebrated Moonbirds, Oddities, Mythics, and the Grails exhibition series.

Yuga’s acquisition of PROOF represents a pivotal advancement in its quest to enhance its already famous Web3 portal, incorporating PROOF’s team, intellectual property, and art collection into its fold.

A crucial aspect of this endeavor is the fusion of Moonbirds into the Ape-centric Otherside Metaverse, which forges a lively nexus for content creators, communities, and brands to navigate and thrive in the dynamic blockchain realm.

Yuga Labs Acquires Proof
Source: X (Yuga Labs)

Bridging Creativity and Community

Daniel Alegre, CEO of Yuga Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the merger, highlighting the synergy between Moonbirds and Otherside and the potential for enhanced art and community initiatives within the Yuga ecosystem.

“As a company committed to championing art, culture, and community on the blockchain, we’re excited to have PROOF join the Yuga ecosystem,” Alegre commented on the official blog post.

“Moonbirds is a collection with great potential and many unifying brand elements with Otherside. We look forward to PROOF Collective becoming an important part of our ongoing art and community engagement efforts.”

Notably, Kevin Rose, CEO and Founder of PROOF, will transition to an advisory role after a brief handover, with Josh Ong, Jesse Bryan, and Amanda Gadbow leading the integration of Moonbirds and other pivotal assets into Yuga’s portfolio.

By incorporating PROOF and its notable assets into its portfolio, Yuga Labs cements its leadership in the decentralized domain, heralding a new era of innovation and community engagement.

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