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Transient Labs Announce ‘Stacks’ Creator Platform

Transient Labs, a web3 innovation house, has introduced Stacks – a new way for NFT creators to control, present, and sell both editions and unique pieces.

Stacks gives creators user-friendly tools to create mint pages with phased sales, allowlists and various minting formats, with support for both ERC1155 and ERC721.

The Stacks platform also features zero seller fees and minimal fees for buyers, putting the art – rather than costs – at the forefront.

Source: X (Transient Labs)

Why should I use Stacks?

On top of support for allowlists and phased minting, Stacks introduces two innovative minting methods: Velocity minting and Marathon minting.

Velocity minting subtracts time from the minting period with each NFT purchased, whilst Marathon minting adds time to the minting period on each purchase – meaning that demand can directly influence the supply in a way the creator desires.

Mint pages on Stacks will also allow creators to include detailed descriptions, FAQs, and custom sharing links.

Transient Labs are working on additional features for Stacks, including greater customisation, support for more contract types, and integration with their Launchpad – which would improve discoverability and provide direct access to a secondary marketplace.

To celebrate this launch, a free commemorative token is available to mint via the Transient Labs Launchpad.

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