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Christie’s Embraces Bitcoin Ordinals, Auctions OMB Art

Christie's Bitcoin Ordinals OMB

Christie’s has taken a bold step into the Bitcoin Ordinals space by putting Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB) up for auction on its website. 

Taking place now until April 16, the artworks, curated by OMB’s founder ZK Shark, features four lots of standout collections: ‘Red, Blue, Green, and Orange Eye OMB Set’, ‘Artists Journal’ and ‘This is Me’ by Tony Tafuro, and ‘Recording in Progress’ by berkin bags. 

Christie’s offers bidding options for these Ordinals starting from $100, accepting both USD and BTC. However, among the artworks, Lot 1 (Red, Blue, Green, and Orange Eye OMB) is expected to command the most attention, with price estimates reaching as high as $650,000.

Christie's Bitcoin Ordinals OMB
Source: Christie’s

OMB’s Signature Styles

Lot 1 stands out for featuring an exquisite collection of 5,141 distinctive PFP artworks. Each piece is distinguished by its vivid eye-catching colors, including Red, Blue, Green, and Orange, and represent some of the earliest and most authentic hand-drawn art in the field.

Sales made from the Lot 1 auction will notably support a charity chosen by the seller, underscoring the collection’s commitment to giving back.

The other OMB artworks consist of cutting-edge pieces, including inscriptions on Satoshis from historic blocks like block 9, mined by Bitcoin’s enigmatic creator Satoshi Nakamoto, and block 78, mined by legendary computer scientist Hal Finney.

By embracing Bitcoin Ordinals, Christie’s continues to solidify its position as being top of the game in the ever-evolving digital art market.

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