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CyberKongz Bitcoin NFTs Near $5M Market Cap Under 24 Hours

cyberkongz bitcoin nfts

CyberKongz began airdropping its first batch of Bitcoin NFTs yesterday—strategically ahead of tomorrow’s Runes Protocol debut and the Bitcoin Halving event.

The NFT project dubbed ‘Prometheans’ aims to release 21,000 assets across 16 different batches. To date, 8,400 NFTs have been airdropped to 20 leading Ordinals communities and 1,200 CyberKongz holders on the Ethereum blockchain. 

“One of the most important aspects of Prometheans was to onboard individuals from other chains into Ordinals, to show them the beauty of what is happening,” states CyberKongz in an X post

Akin to the successful Bitcoin Ordinals airdrop Runestone, trading on Magic Eden (ME) soon followed the debut. Already, Prometheans hold an average price tag of around $1,697 apiece (0.0275 BTC) on the secondary marketplace. 

Further showing the weight of these new Bitcoin NFTs, the collection’s market cap has remarkably hit $4.8 million (80.7454 BTC) in under 24 hours on ME. 

cyberkongz bitcoin nfts
Source: Magic Eden (Prometheans)

Artistic Aspects of Prometheans

Prometheans hold a special place in the CyberKongz universe. These assets are seen as “symbolizing the pinnacle of evolution that draws from the transformative nature of Bitcoin.” 

The collection’s artistry combines elements of sacred geometry, crop circle mythology, the ancient Niakean alphabet, philosophical ideas, and the concept of time, all influenced by CyberKongz lore and Bitcoin culture.

Geometric designs within the artwork harken back to craftsmanship from 800 BCE and evoke the mystique of the Golden Ratio.

At the heart of the artwork shines a luminous sphere, representing the philosophical symbolism of the Sun and the essence of generosity—an homage to Satoshi Nakamoto’s revolutionary gift to the world in 2009 with the Bitcoin whitepaper.

With each airdrop and collectible, CyberKongz reinforces the transformative power of Bitcoin through Prometheans.

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