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TGL-Tattoo Transforms Tattoo Art with NFT Technology

Tattoo art has long been celebrated for its intricate designs and personal significance.

Now, TGL-Tattoo, a Thailand-based project, seeks to push the boundaries of traditional tattoo with NFT technology, and create a unique form of digital collectible art.

With over three years of experience and over 1,000 tattoos completed, TGL-Tattoo aims to redefine what a simple tattoo can represent.

How does TGL-Tattoo work?

TGL-Tattoo‘s approach allows customers to turn their existing NFTs into customized tattoo designs, and own a piece of NFT history without the pain of getting the tattoo themselves.

In a nutshell, the final designs will be tattooed to select volunteers, with photos and short videos captured during the process.

These images and videos will then be made into NFTs, which the buyer can keep, sell, or trade on platforms like Foundation.

Source: TGL Tattoo

Auctioning a 1:1 Tattoo

As part of their efforts, TGL-Tattoo is hosting a special auction to raise funds for their project, where the winning bidder will receive a unique tattoo designed in collaboration with TGL-Tattoo’s artists. This tattoo will be the largest and most unique in the project, and there will never be another like it.

The winning bidder will also receive an NFT representation of the tattoo, including images and videos, ensuring they have a lasting digital keepsake.

The winner of the auction will have the opportunity to propose ideas for the design, making it a truly personalized experience, which can then be used for promotional purposes, with the winning bidder’s name or logo incorporated into the design.

Free Gifts and Steel Models

To incentivize participation and celebrate the project, TGL-Tattoo is offering special gifts to customers.

Customers who purchase two tattoos from the TGL-Tattoo collection and meet certain conditions, can receive a unique steel model as a bonus gift. This model, which stands 70cm tall with a 35cm base, is entirely handmade from forged steel sheets and features neon lights.

To qualify for the gift, customers must purchase the tattoos within a set timeframe, complete a claim form, and wait about three months for production and delivery.

TGL Tattoo will cover all shipping costs for this exclusive bonus.

TGL-Tattoo’s Vision

TGL-Tattoo envisions transforming tattoos into a form of art that can be passed on and collected like any other type of art, and build a community of enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of traditional and digital artistry.

With plans to create a total of 2,500 tattoos in their TGL-Edit collection, TGL-Tattoo is on a mission to set a Guinness World Record for the most NFT tattoos.

TGL-Tattoo seeks to represent the future of tattoo art, where creativity knows no bounds.

Check out TGL-Tattoo today >> Here

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