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Moonbirds Defy Copyright Criticism—NFT Sales Jump 227%

Under Yuga Labs’ leadership, the recently unveiled ‘Moonbirds Universe‘ has boosted NFT sales by over 227%. Yet, it has also stirred controversy by moving the project’s artworks away from the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) copyright policy.

In 2022, Moonbirds—owned by PROOF Collective at the time—surprised holders by adopting the CC0 code, placing its digital artworks in the public domain, thus allowing them to be freely commercialized without the owner’s consent.

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While existing Moonbirds artwork remains freely available under CC0, Yuga’s decision to move away from this open licensing model for future additions has prompted a mixed bag of reviews about the project’s direction and its impact on artists and collectors. 

Still, despite such talks, Moonbirds’ 24-hour trading volume has surged by over 227% to around $673,200 (218.21 ETH), resulting in the project’s market cap hitting $23.104 million (7,489 ETH). It’s all down to yesterday’s unveiling of the NFT brand’s intriguing 3D world. 

Moonbirds NFT Sales
Source: CoinGecko

Split Community Opinions

Discussions intensified following a recent post exploring the strategic narrative development of the Moonbirds Universe. Colin Hesterly, the project’s creative lead, has been acknowledged for his pivotal role in shaping its evolution.

One member, particularly frustrated about the change in CC0 stance, took to X to express discontent, stating, “Ugh, the Moonbirds news couldn’t have come at a worse time. Just as I was gearing up to release a banger deriv collection, smh.

What’s more, doubts on social media regarding being able to actually reverse CC0 rights were reversed by seasoned App Store creator Pixlit, who responded, “Yes you can. Just give Moonbirds new art with new commercial rights.” 

Leonidas, the creator of Runestone, backs this statement, saying, “The original Moonbirds art remains CC0 forever. However, the introduction of a new art direction implies an effort to shift everyone to art with IP restrictions.”

Pixlit also noted that the Mythics collection from Moonbirds—a part of PROOF now managed by Yuga—retains commercial rights and has not been subject to any negative speculation.

Yuga’s evolving Moonbirds strategy strikes a balance between creator rights and community engagement in the NFT realm. Sales have soared due to the captivating 3D world, highlighting the demand for exclusive digital assets regardless of ongoing debates.

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