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Ethereum NFT Magazine ‘Redlion Gazette’ Closes Its Chapters

redlion gazette nft magazine

The Redlion Gazette—the world’s first weekly NFT magazine on Ethereum—ceased its operations at the beginning of the week, signaling the departure of an OG player in the blockchain art and media scene.

“Yesterday marked the first Monday since 2020 without a Gazette release. As expected, it went unnoticed, confirming it was the right decision to end it. Still hurts though,” declared the mastermind behind the project, Redlioneye.eth, on X

Nevertheless, The Gazette’s unique approach, combining exclusive NFT artworks with pressing industry news in each issue, has established a vibrant platform that drew in NFT artists, collectors, and enthusiasts over the past four years. 

redlion gazette nft magazine
Source: X (Redlion)

Redlion Gazette’s Influence

Since its 2020 launch, the Redlion Gazette has released 187 weekly editions, totaling over 10,000 individual issues. Along the way, it connected with more than 2,500 unique collectors and provided 182 free digital artworks to its subscribers.

The magazine became appreciated for its innovative NFT subscription models, primarily through Lion Clubs memberships. Its website describes this approach as “Low-Risk, High-Culture”, highlighting the value collectors could access for a relatively low mint price.

Additionally, the Gazette has covered key industry events, spanning from Bitcoin’s 2021 surge and Ethereum’s shift to Proof-of-Stake to the rise of Art Blocks and XCOPY, among many others. 

As the NFT community embraces innovative concepts while preserving its long-term significance, the Gazette serves as a key reference point, symbolizing a significant moment in the history of blockchain art and media.

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